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Can’t stand seeing another “RT @[name] has a crazy idea. 19,530 new twitter followers in 30 days? Check it out” Seriously. You’re ruining Twitter with your craziness. You are justifying your existence on Twitter with 20 billion followers who are NOT actually interested in what you’re saying, your interaction or your (gasp) “thought leadership.” […]

Perfection after meeting too many people this week who introduced themselves as “social media experts” and by experts they mean that they follow tens of thousands on Twitter and a few thousand have decided to follow them back. As Ryan points out in this classic example, that’s a completely messed up way of assessing someone’s […]

“What if I’m not really a writer? Everything I’ve tried to write, all of these weeks, waiting for the book to come out…I don’t know. I’ve got to come up with something bigger than myself, you know? Outside of myself. I’ve got to get out of the suburbs. I need to get away from people my […]

Great little post (here) about Britt leaving Facebook. Background image from here.

“It’s 140 characters. … If you need a ghostwriter for that, I feel sorry for you.” Damn straight, Shaq. Goes for exec twitterers too. -Amanda

  I wrote this for the Edelman Digital blog and thought I would share it here as well. Obama’s rallying cry in the 2008 election was centered on a vision for and commitment to mutual social responsibility. “We will ask Americans to serve. We will create new opportunities for Americans to serve. And we will […]

 [ ?posts_id=1906720&dest=-1] Alright, so here’s why I’m infinitely proud to be writing with Jenny and her crew at Ruby Pseudo. Here she is speaking at the Good Ideas Salon PSFK hosted. And here’s her roundup of points for brands. Every time I hear her speak or read roundups like this (or this, or this, or […]

The other day, a student in the space asked me to describe how I got from graduation in May to where I am now. I had no idea how to answer. Ever single day since graduation (and really since sophomore year when I first started meeting some of my bosses like Richard Edelman, @rickmurray, @davidbrain… […]

“FADE IN:  TITLE OVER BLACK: A Conversation at the Blue Stem Martini Lounge INT. BAR – NIGHT [JOE and FRIEND enter a shadowy room. They move to the bar and both take a seat. The two order drinks from LEFKO. She wears a subtly stylish shirt and a sly smile. After carefully mixing the concoctions, […]

I’ve been following BusinessWeek’s John Byrne since I first got hooked on BW and the Cover Stories podcast in college. John continues to teach me something fresh about the digital space everyday as he updates his Twitter feed and Facebook status with information on what’s happening in editorial meetings, uses his What’s Your Story Idea? […]