A Few Quick Thoughts For Any Digital Kid About to Start Out in This Space


The other day, a student in the space asked me to describe how I got from graduation in May to where I am now. I had no idea how to answer. Ever single day since graduation (and really since sophomore year when I first started meeting some of my bosses like Richard Edelman, @rickmurray, @davidbrain… via Twitter, Facebook or this blog here) I’ve been completely amazed by the opportunities and challenges I’ve been able to experience.

I’m nearing my one year mark at Edelman and before I even hit that mark, I’ve worked on several major accounts, worked with our teams to win new business, met and worked with some of the most incredible people in our industry, traveled to Seattle, NY, Chicago, Brussels, Boston, Denver… Moved from Boston to NY and from NY to Chicago… It’s been crazy, more than I ever expected and a total whirlwind. And in a few hours, I’m flying out on my next surprise Edel adventure. 

I just wanted to say, to every young person in this space who’s about to graduate in a few months…. yes, we’re in a recession but if you have a passion for this, find the right company with the right people, work hard and speak up to share your ideas no matter who’s in the room, you have everything to look forward to. It is such an exciting time to be our age in this industry.

And if you ever have questions or want to chat, my email’s in the about section here. I’d be happy to connect and help out how I can. 



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