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I was talking with my brother this weekend and the subject of Oprah on Twitter came up. He said her first tweet all in caps reminded him of our dad. Ha. My dad uses caps as a shortcut and we’ve come to love that only we can tell that HE’S ACTUALLY NOT YELLING AT US […]

I’m watching Coachella live via AT&T here. I love when brands sponsor this kind of stuff. AT&T has me sitting on its site for at least a few hours now. Better than any standard ad could ever do. -Amanda

I was trading links with @lizlee a week or so ago of random Facebook groups like this one that remind us how amazingly privileged we are to be ’90’s kids/digital hipsters.  Rebecca, whoever you are, you’re amazing for putting this up on Facebook.  Oh and I also think the good, upstanding people responsible for putting the following […]

A few weeks ago, I wrote a little post about how Joe Mietus made me completely rethink Yelp because he started using his reviews space for storytelling. Well, recently, I stumbled into Tommy Ga-Ken Wan on Flickr and tweeted, “This 23 year old’s Flickr feed is more interesting than most movies.” I’m completely impressed and […]

My favorite commercial, even though it’s not new, is the AT&T commercial with the girl and the stuffed animal. Besides how adorable it is and totally reflective of my childhood with my stuffed animal, Lamby, I think it is very well done. The more creative part about it is how it plays into the “more […]

Saw this over on the completely outdated “Twitter” micoblogging site. Just wanted to share the newest in nanoblogging! :) – Sarah

Ever since Will wrote a little post on ASL about MySpace angles and Adrant’s Steve Hall joined in, I’ve been really interested in how people share their identity online and how brands and artists qualify and elevate their choices. Recently, I talked with New York based artist Matt Held about his new project that involves […]

I recently had the chance to experience both the new Virgin America and Delta Airlines, on flights to and from Boston to LAX and Boston to Atlanta to New Orleans, respectively. Despite differences in weather conditions, flight times, delays, etc. I have to say I am ecstatic about the future of air travel, and now […]