My Brother (@beastern) Says This Reminds Him of My Parents


I was talking with my brother this weekend and the subject of Oprah on Twitter came up. He said her first tweet all in caps reminded him of our dad. Ha. My dad uses caps as a shortcut and we’ve come to love that only we can tell that HE’S ACTUALLY NOT YELLING AT US AT ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. :) Oh and I actually love celebs on Twitter. Aside from random challenges to get a trillion followers for no intelligent reason, celebs like Shaq are fun to see in my feed. But yeah, I too was #herebeforeoprah and pretty proud of that. 

0j9t50qtymg4v1sarjnka82yo1_500Image via one of my favorite Tumblr blogs. 

-Amanda Mooney


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