Facebook: Leave my friends alone!


Okay, I’ve held my tongue on this for about a week, but I need to let it out. Facebook is at it again, and this change has greatly impacted my site usage in terms of navigation, how I use the site, what I use it for, and the length of time I used to spend on it.

The “Friends” tab has recently undergone a makeover where the “recently updated friends” option has been eliminated. This feature has long been a part of Facebook, and I believe it is one of the main reasons the site has been so widely successful. Point being, you go on Facebook to see who has updated, as in, who’s uploaded new pictures or video, who’s got a new job, a new boyfriend, etc. Now, with the new layout, this feature is completely gone and we must filter through our friends alphabetically.

To throw salt in the wound, Facebook now has a “friend list” column where you can group friends. This was based off the concept of long forgotten friend details, which as I look through mine, none of them are remotely accurate, with outdated high school jokes and “family” consisting of everyone but.

Honestly, the change has basically cut my Facebook usage in half. There is no reason to click on anyone’s profile if you don’t know that they’ve changed anything. The old interface allowed me to see friends that I had lost touch with and see what the were up to. Now, I’ll only be going to the pages of people I care about offline.



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