It’s official. I’m addicted to Tumblr.


I can’t believe that the last words I’ve written on this blog in over a month were embedded in a silly hipster DIY graphic reading, “You make me want to practice my MySpace angles.” Ha! Brilliant.

I started ASL and blogging during my sophomore year of college. At the time, it felt incredibly simple and fast and I loved that I had a little platform to throw my random thoughts, regardless of how intelligible or respectable they were (prime example: “You make me want to practice my MySpace angles”).

Now, however, WordPress feels a little like homework. Tumblr is just sooo insanely easy and it’s part of a little community that I’ve become quite fond of.

On top of that, I’ve been so genuinely crazy at work and writing for other blogs like Edelman Digital’s, Ruby Pseudo and Paper’s Word Up, that it’s tough to find the time to write (these are times when I most appreciate the ability to reblog).

So, similar to what Rubel decided to do (although, at least I can say that I was #herebeforeoprahrubel in terms of shifting my focus to Tumblr as my main publishing platform), I’m going to use my Tumblr blog as my daily feed. ASL will remain a central spot to share my more thoughtful (hopefully) digests of my experiences starting out in the space and growing up as a digital kid.

Stick around for periodic posts from me and our whole ASL crew and find my daily feed on Tumblr here.



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