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I just finished a quick chat on AIM with my dad. We instant message each other occasionally throughout the day. At the end of each day, he prints out the convo and passes it over to my mom. We appropriately title these, “pamchats.” Anyway, it was nearing the end of our pamchat today when my […]

The Internet has essentially erased all the rules of the dating game. Now, asking someone out on IM (gasp) has been replaced by Facebook relationship confirmations and status changes (bigger gasp). In middle school “asking out” online gave teens the courage to confess their love for crushes without suffering in-person embarrassment. Now, young adults have moved on to confessing love on Facebook. […]

In my busy life as a full time student and working professional, appointment-driven media no longer fits into my schedule. It is quite a rare occasion when I actually have a chance to watch one of my favorite television shows when it airs during prime time on broadcast networks. Instead, I catch up on my […]