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Barack-berry. I’m not one to get politically preachy on you, but is (or it should be) common knowledge that the Obama-Biden campaign is one of the most intelligently run campaigns in American history. Sure, their optimistic rhetoric, media darling status and relentless campaigning have served them well. But, let’s talk about their well planned (and […]

Just thought I’d take the opportunity to make an announcement.  It looks as though I’ll be bringing a brand new “digital native” into the world in January 2009.  If me and my fellow ASL authors are already considered “digital natives,” you can imagine how Web-savvy my little one is going to be!  I wonder if […]

My twleve year old brother was working on paper for his sixth grade history class and called me to ask: “How do you cite Wikipedia?” My first reaction was simple, you don’t. Teachers, college professors and some others do not approve of their students using such an untrustworthy source of information, so you don’t cite […]

Last week facebook announced the (un)anticipated new site layout that they had been kinda-sorta-maybe hinting at for the past few months (i.e. “change is coming…”). The “future” of the profile? Doesn’t get more apocalyptic than that does it? Well, when Mark Slee, Product Manager for Profile changes (what a job!), linked to screen shots of […]

It may seem odd, but about two weeks ago I went to the Boston Public Library for the first time in the course of my entire college career. I had been there before as a tourist, but this time I was there with an actual academic purpose. I needed the January 2007 issue of Cosmopolitan […]

With college graduation looming, the timing of yesterday’s Social Media Breakfast could not have been better, as the topic of discussion was getting hired in the 2.0 world. Speakers included Stever Robbins, host of the Get-It-Done Guy Podcast, Aaron Strout, VP of New Media at Mzinga; Todd Defren, Principal at SHIFT Communications (and sponsor of […]

Alright, I’ll admit it. I once fell victim to the dreaded “MySpace angle”. If you’ve never heard of this cruel digital deception, you can thank me later. The term is defined by urban dictionary as “Pictures which were specifically taken and uploaded to fool the Myspace community into believing you are more attractive then you […]

Here’s a post I wrote for AdRants and some friends involved in the contest. Thought I’d share it here too:, a new original ad sharing platform, is holding a contest, What’s Your Pitch, to find the most “out of the box” original ad. The contest is open only to U.S. college students and offers […]

Old Friends?


I logged on to my msn messenger account yesterday after quite a long time (probably more than a month) of not doing so. I skimmed through my list of online friends, there were about 10, and realized that at first sight I only knew one of them. So I asked myself, where did all these […]

The Internet has essentially erased all the rules of the dating game. Now, asking someone out on IM (gasp) has been replaced by Facebook relationship confirmations and status changes (bigger gasp). In middle school “asking out” online gave teens the courage to confess their love for crushes without suffering in-person embarrassment. Now, young adults have moved on to confessing love on Facebook. […]