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As the 2.0 space continues to evolve, self-proclaimed “experts”, “leaders” and “visionaries” are a dime a dozen. They drop self-serving knowledge on you like a Sensei in a Karate class your Mom made you take. They demand you bow to them and follow their lead, because someday you might be lucky enough to reach their […]

With college graduation looming, the timing of yesterday’s Social Media Breakfast could not have been better, as the topic of discussion was getting hired in the 2.0 world. Speakers included Stever Robbins, host of the Get-It-Done Guy Podcast, Aaron Strout, VP of New Media at Mzinga; Todd Defren, Principal at SHIFT Communications (and sponsor of […]

Here’s a post I wrote for AdRants and some friends involved in the contest. Thought I’d share it here too:, a new original ad sharing platform, is holding a contest, What’s Your Pitch, to find the most “out of the box” original ad. The contest is open only to U.S. college students and offers […]

Monster is running some pretty interesting spots aimed at workers dissatisfied with their current jobs. What better and bigger group to target considering a startling statistic from that…. What?! 84%! This should shock any manager AND marketer to think seriously about employee relations. As marketers, we spend so much time and money assessing and […]

Every morning I read through the releases that have hit PR Newire and Business Wire before I read through news sites and blogs. I like to get a sense of news at it hits the Web, what stories grab my attention and then track the conversation about the new product, service or company news to […]

I think the concept behind the new Sprint microsite is smart. It features time saving tips as a way to indirectly promote its new Sprintcuts program. My only problem with the campaign is that ads promoting ran several times while I was watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy on So I sat through […]

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  clipped from “It took 35 years for TV to reach 25 million people and earn $1 billion in revenues. It took the internet just three years. We have now reached a point where if you are an old media company and you are not deeply engaged in new media, you are a dead […]

I am still in Austria enjoying an amazing vacation but jumped on to post a link to what I think was one of the coolest and best documented marketing and new media events of the summer. Check out I continue to be impressed by this agency. Not only do I think that the insights […]

clipped from, providers of such online video hit series as “Superficial Friends” and “Behind the Music that Sucks” has today announced the public beta of its own ad network, The Husky Network.According to the press release, Heavy will be wrapping video players, such as YouTube or Revver, with branded skins and selling them […]