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Okay, so I’ve been meaning to write a scathing review of’s streaming video player, which I would say is so mind-blowingly awful, I’m beginning to suspect they did it on purpose. I’m serious! On Thursday at 8pm, I had the choice of watching Grey’s Anatomy, The Office or the season premiere of CSI live, […]

Old Friends?


I logged on to my msn messenger account yesterday after quite a long time (probably more than a month) of not doing so. I skimmed through my list of online friends, there were about 10, and realized that at first sight I only knew one of them. So I asked myself, where did all these […]

Sacred Hart University has released the findings of an interesting survey regarding consumers’ trust in the news media. Only 19% of survey participants say they believe all or most news media reporting. A larger majority, about 24%, said they believe little or no news media reporting. Dr. James Castonguay, associate professor and chair of SHU’s […]

Last March, NYU journalism professor, Jay Rosen and his students analyzed “The State of Blogging at America’s Top 100 Biggest Newspapers.” You can see their findings as well as links and data on top newspaper-run blogs here. I thought I would follow up with this and see how many of the top 10 papers currently […]

I posted the following ideas on my Twitter microblog: AmandaMooney I wish Technorati allowed you to export your blog search results into an excel doc that included Blog, website, authority, rank…. about 1 hour ago from web   AmandaMooney Technorati should also offer quick RSS links to the blogs found in a search rather than […]

clipped from Did social media save the magazine? Perhaps so, in a roundabout way. The Facebook group “I Read Business 2.0 — and Want to Keep Reading!” numbers more than 2,000 people, but that’s hardly enough for Time Inc. honchos, who deal with magazine circulations numbering in the millions, to pay notice. But Facebook, […]

In wrapping up my summer work and preparing for a long-awaited trip to Europe in the coming weeks, I haven’t been able to find much time to add fresh, original content to my blog… But here is a quick introduction to a cool new site, Netvibes, that I recently stumbled across. It’s a pretty interesting […]

Time has threatened to stop publishing Business 2.0, one of the most timely magazines on newsstands, because of lagging ad sales. Editors and Business 2.0 enthusiasts have taken the fight to save the magazine to the Web and are showing their solidarity and support on social networking sites. I was pleased to see the activity […]

Instead of posting a list of my favorite links, I would love to hear from readers what your favorite sites are on the Web? What are you bookmarking, digging and stumbling upon? Leave a comment, leave a link-

Looking to target college kids with a non-traditional media buy? Here is an idea from an assignment my group and I created for a media planning class at Emerson in which we were asked to create a media plan to promote Bertucci’s among Boston college students. Instead of buying billboard space next to a major […]