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As the 2.0 space continues to evolve, self-proclaimed “experts”, “leaders” and “visionaries” are a dime a dozen. They drop self-serving knowledge on you like a Sensei in a Karate class your Mom made you take. They demand you bow to them and follow their lead, because someday you might be lucky enough to reach their […]

Barack-berry. I’m not one to get politically preachy on you, but is (or it should be) common knowledge that the Obama-Biden campaign is one of the most intelligently run campaigns in American history. Sure, their optimistic rhetoric, media darling status and relentless campaigning have served them well. But, let’s talk about their well planned (and […]

Last week facebook announced the (un)anticipated new site layout that they had been kinda-sorta-maybe hinting at for the past few months (i.e. “change is coming…”). The “future” of the profile? Doesn’t get more apocalyptic than that does it? Well, when Mark Slee, Product Manager for Profile changes (what a job!), linked to screen shots of […]

With college graduation looming, the timing of yesterday’s Social Media Breakfast could not have been better, as the topic of discussion was getting hired in the 2.0 world. Speakers included Stever Robbins, host of the Get-It-Done Guy Podcast, Aaron Strout, VP of New Media at Mzinga; Todd Defren, Principal at SHIFT Communications (and sponsor of […]

My Birthday


Last week I turned thirteen and got some great presents. I got a new 26” Insingia LCD HDTV, 2,000 Wii points, a stuffed Mario doll, and money from my relatives. I really wanted a iPod Nano but I didn’t get it. I’m really tired of using my sister’s sick old scratched Mini. Maybe I can […]

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  clipped from “It took 35 years for TV to reach 25 million people and earn $1 billion in revenues. It took the internet just three years. We have now reached a point where if you are an old media company and you are not deeply engaged in new media, you are a dead […]

I am still in Austria enjoying an amazing vacation but jumped on to post a link to what I think was one of the coolest and best documented marketing and new media events of the summer. Check out I continue to be impressed by this agency. Not only do I think that the insights […]

clipped from I’ve been working hard on some new stuff for Clipmarks and admittedly haven’t been paying as much attention as I’d like to the quiet traction that Clip-to-blog is gaining in the New Media space. Clip-to-blog lets you clip the best parts of a web page and easily post them to your blog, […]

clipped from Production is the new consumption. As mobile consumers, most of what we do is produce. We produce conversation first and foremost, but more interestingly, we are starting to produce networks of knowledge and intelligent communities. There is little time for spectatorship in the mobile space as mobile is a medium for the […]