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As the 2.0 space continues to evolve, self-proclaimed “experts”, “leaders” and “visionaries” are a dime a dozen. They drop self-serving knowledge on you like a Sensei in a Karate class your Mom made you take. They demand you bow to them and follow their lead, because someday you might be lucky enough to reach their […]

Colleges are now joining the growing trend of branded crowdsourcing. Today, UC San Diego launches AlumnIdea, a platform that allows UCSD alumni to submit ideas toward building a tighter alumni network. Like with sites like MyStarbucksIdea and Dell Ideastorm, other users can vote ideas up or down and the most popular ideas will be implemented […]

The Internet has essentially erased all the rules of the dating game. Now, asking someone out on IM (gasp) has been replaced by Facebook relationship confirmations and status changes (bigger gasp). In middle school “asking out” online gave teens the courage to confess their love for crushes without suffering in-person embarrassment. Now, young adults have moved on to confessing love on Facebook. […]

clipped from TwitThis is an easy way for people to send Twitter messages about your blog post or website. When visitors to your website click on the TwitThis button or link, it takes the URL of the webpage and creates a shorter URL using TinyURL. Then visitors can send this shortened URL and a […]

I saw this on TechCrunch today and was reminded of a conversation I had recently with a team of entrepreneurs from Europe ( that I’ve been working with. A really smart point they made was that many of the Web’s most popular social networking sites today are rather US-centric in users, language and relevancy. They […]

I am impressed by Symbaloo’s mashup and integration of search across several popular platforms like Google, LinkedIn and CNN. However, I would love to see this concept developed as a mashup of meta search engines so that users can simultaneously search across several platforms in a specific category. Imagine: instead of searching for airline […]

I have been so amazed by the action my little blog has gotten in the past week. I went from writing in an echo-chamber (I was my own most frequent and engaged reader) to seeing a huge increase in readership, comments and interaction. The most influential tool that has helped to build my budding American […]

Instead of posting a list of my favorite links, I would love to hear from readers what your favorite sites are on the Web? What are you bookmarking, digging and stumbling upon? Leave a comment, leave a link-

It would be interesting to see Facebook users’ wall space monetized. Think “Google AdWords WallPaper”… or maybe just “WallPapr”? This could be the next social mashup media buy. This could be used to serve up a fresh and fun branding message. What about offering gifting dollars (or real compensation) for allocating sponsored wall space to […]

You know the press clippings you create to track a client’s media coverage? Tag all clippings from online media and post the content into a account and share your success with the Web. Also consider creating a account and clipping content that will be meaningful to the target but doesn’t directly serve as […]