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9 Responses to “Share”

  1. Hay,
    Mranda i’ve got a guestion how hard is is managing too tv show ‘s at once and
    working with Drak,Jash,Sam,fraddy and senser. Wright bake


  2. friddes neededs a girl friend

  3. 3 lynn carter

    I made a list 5 years ago that my kids and grand kids would need to possibly survive 2012 my family thinks I’ve lost a sanswich from my picnic baskit. I saw aprogram on PBS when I was 12 years old that caught my attintion about the predictions of the Myans,the China’s the Eskamo’s all the native American tribes, the south American tribes and many other cultures. This is not a a fluke. Something is going to happen.I’m 51 years old now and I belaive it more than I can express. It’s like everyone in the world have turned into Lemmings one goes off the clif and the rest just follow. Come on all of you from thr 60’s and 70’s need to wake up. We are the ones who stood up for everything and now that we are in charge we need to follow through, it is very scary and it’s easy to say it won’t happen to us but it will. We will see this prophicy come true. We may not survive it but we have try and make sure our grandchildren will. WAKE UP PEOPLE get your shit together and make sure your kids teach there kids real quick what is in store for the future. It’s not a vidio game it’s reality.

  4. 5 danielhilson

    i love yur series and o want to be friends with u people ok pls accept it and i have been watching yur show

  5. 6 Daniel

    icarly you are the best. you rock, and most especially carly fredy lolves you

  6. 7 André

    Carly, Sam and Freddy: my name is André( a portuguese Kid 7 years old) and i likeyou all very much. you are the best . I love you all and your shows. Please keep on TOP. Your musics make my life

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  8. Thanks for finally talking about >Share | Our American Shelf Life <Liked it!

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