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It’s official: my two and a half year old LG flip phone is no more (that is, until my mom adopts it to replace her even less tech-savvy flip phone). Thanks to an awesome graduation gift from my parents, I’ve upgraded to a smartphone – a brand new Blackberry Curve, and oh man, am I […]

Over brunch yesterday with the ASL crew, Zach Braiker, CEO of Refine + Focus, told us about a really cool idea he has: We also interviewed him about the story behind the Rubber Chicken Social Club…Stay tuned. -Amanda Mooney

I think all of us at ASL will gladly admit to being a geek (though I’d like to think we’re cool ones). For me, this geekdom started back when I could be found glued to my dad’s IBM computer playing Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? The game’s Windows version was released in 1994, […]