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MapleStory is a game where you and your friends can interact with each other and have fun by hanging out, working, buying things and fighting enemies in a virtual world. But before you can play MapleStory you have to download it and it may take a few minutes but it’s worth it. My stupid sister […]

Maybe John and his friends are really on to something. According to a Times Online article that @AmandaMooney came across, Club Penguin is hitting the world by storm after its recent launch in the U.K. An estimated 750,000 British children are already engaging on Club Penguin. I give John props for joining the site long […]

My favorite Web site is Club Penguin because you can hang out with your friends, talk to friends and make new friends. It is fun because you can buy new clothes, play games, decorate your igloo and win money. Club Penguin also has cool events like parties, contests, and free items on specific days. There […]