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Okay, I’ve held my tongue on this for about a week, but I need to let it out. Facebook is at it again, and this change has greatly impacted my site usage in terms of navigation, how I use the site, what I use it for, and the length of time I used to spend […]

Finding an apartment is probably one of the most stressful experiences college students and young professionals face entering the real world. What to look for, what neighborhood to live in, means for transportation, proximity to school or job, etc. Over the years numerous sites such as Craigslist, and even now Facebook’s Marketplace, have sprung up […]

When my friend Eric got back from working at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, he gave me a souvenir Coke bottle featuring a rare design that I was obsessed with for days. I had totally forgotten about it until I started working on a Coca-Cola case study for one of my classes andcame upon the Design […]

I just came across something on Facebook that I had never seen before. I was invited to a group that seeks to help a woman find her missing father. I had always known Facebook to be used for finding people. In essence, Facebook was created to find and keep track of people. Yet, this time […]

It’s official: my two and a half year old LG flip phone is no more (that is, until my mom adopts it to replace her even less tech-savvy flip phone). Thanks to an awesome graduation gift from my parents, I’ve upgraded to a smartphone – a brand new Blackberry Curve, and oh man, am I […]

Okay, I’ve really been having a problem with this lately. Why won’t AIM bots leave me alone??? I don’t want to be friends with you GossipinGabby, Facebook, LivGreene, Spleak, or USA Today. Why don’t I have to accept you like other friends? You never IM me anyway, and when I IM you to go away […]

It’s been almost 2 months since the ASL crew introduced our readers to the good, the bad and the ugly sides of Facebook Chat. Now that it has spread to the profiles of every Facebook user, we want to know if it has taken off for any of you as a primary method of communication […]

Last week facebook announced the (un)anticipated new site layout that they had been kinda-sorta-maybe hinting at for the past few months (i.e. “change is coming…”). The “future” of the profile? Doesn’t get more apocalyptic than that does it? Well, when Mark Slee, Product Manager for Profile changes (what a job!), linked to screen shots of […]

It’s happened to almost everyone: While sending a usually important e-mail, your hand shakes, you press a wrong key and BAM. “Message Sent.” Or, you finally got up the nerve to really tell someone how you feel (via e-mail of course to avoid in person awkwardness) and in all your rage you press send, wishing […]

Everyone has a Facebook reconnection story. The crush you had in middle school who now goes to your rival college, the childhood best friend who you haven’t seen in 13 years, ever since your dad got a new job and you were forced to move to MiddleofNowheretown, Arkansas (not that I’m bitter). Reconnecting on Facebook […]