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Nickelodeon‘s made for TV movie, iGo To Japan, drew 7.6 million viewers last Saturday night, November 8th, shattering records for the network. The movie, based on Nickelodeon’s hit series iCarly and staring Miranda Cosgrove, follows Carly and her friends to a Web awards show in Japan where they win an award for the iCarly Web […]

Hi it’s John again and I heard that the iCarly post I wrote has been really popular, so I wanted to tell everyone a little more about the iCarly Web site, which is soooo cool. It’s cool because you can play all these games and listen to music. Some of my friends go on […]

iCarly is cool show on Nick. Kids like it because there is this Webshow that Carly Shay and her friends do together and a lot of people watch it. There is also a Web site kids go to:, where they can watch it and do other things like play games, read blogs, or listen […]