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Some of you who follow me may have noticed that my online chatter has quieted down recently. This is because I have finally, FINALLY moved into a new apartment, one that is NOT an hour away from my new job. Here’s the twist…I’m moving in with these two girls, right? They’re very nice people & we […]

Hi it’s John again and I heard that the iCarly post I wrote has been really popular, so I wanted to tell everyone a little more about the iCarly Web site, which is soooo cool. It’s cool because you can play all these games and listen to music. Some of my friends go on […]

It’s been almost 2 months since the ASL crew introduced our readers to the good, the bad and the ugly sides of Facebook Chat. Now that it has spread to the profiles of every Facebook user, we want to know if it has taken off for any of you as a primary method of communication […]

It may seem odd, but about two weeks ago I went to the Boston Public Library for the first time in the course of my entire college career. I had been there before as a tourist, but this time I was there with an actual academic purpose. I needed the January 2007 issue of Cosmopolitan […]

iCarly is cool show on Nick. Kids like it because there is this Webshow that Carly Shay and her friends do together and a lot of people watch it. There is also a Web site kids go to:, where they can watch it and do other things like play games, read blogs, or listen […]

I wanted to quickly share some reflection on my previous post: The Time I got Dumped on Facebook. Although the situation at the time was very difficult, outing a good friend through my post was wrong and could have been just as humiliating as the original situation. My intentions were not to embarrass him, or […]

I can remember the first time I heard the word “Internet.” It was on the playground at recess in fourth grade, from a boy named Paul, who I later had crush on in middle school. I remember him saying this thing, the Internet, whatever that was, was going to be huge. I remember going home […]

I must admit I cannot clearly remember my first encounter with the Internet. It has sort of been omnipresent throughout my life, over the years gaining more and more importance without me even realizing it. To the point that today, it is impossible for me to imagine how the world ever functioned without it. I […]

I was blown away by this site. It acts as a directory for the ever-expanding 2.0 world and the UI is so sleek that it makes you want to spend time on and play around with this site as much as those it features. Check it out at