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Barack-berry. I’m not one to get politically preachy on you, but is (or it should be) common knowledge that the Obama-Biden campaign is one of the most intelligently run campaigns in American history. Sure, their optimistic rhetoric, media darling status and relentless campaigning have served them well. But, let’s talk about their well planned (and […]

Okay, so I’ve been meaning to write a scathing review of’s streaming video player, which I would say is so mind-blowingly awful, I’m beginning to suspect they did it on purpose. I’m serious! On Thursday at 8pm, I had the choice of watching Grey’s Anatomy, The Office or the season premiere of CSI live, […]

Greetings! I feel like I haven’t talked to y’all in a long time. So Amanda suggested some of us ASL-ers do a little check-in on what we’ve been doing this summer. As some of you might know, I’ve had some big changes in my life, so I decided to do a little video: Miss y’all […]

I went to see this summer’s most promising mindless action movies this week, Wanted. It’s about this miserable nobody who suddenly has his life turned upside down when he is recruited into a secret society of assassins and discovers he has a natural gift for shooting people in a dramatic fashion and looking hot and […]

Last week facebook announced the (un)anticipated new site layout that they had been kinda-sorta-maybe hinting at for the past few months (i.e. “change is coming…”). The “future” of the profile? Doesn’t get more apocalyptic than that does it? Well, when Mark Slee, Product Manager for Profile changes (what a job!), linked to screen shots of […]

Everyone has a Facebook reconnection story. The crush you had in middle school who now goes to your rival college, the childhood best friend who you haven’t seen in 13 years, ever since your dad got a new job and you were forced to move to MiddleofNowheretown, Arkansas (not that I’m bitter). Reconnecting on Facebook […]

There has been a lot of buzz recently about the brands that are on Twitter. Today, BusinessWeek’s Heather Green ignited conversation about this topic on her and @SteveBaker’s Blogspotting blog. I thought it would be a good time to share video of a conversation the American Shelf Life crew had with Adrant‘s Steve Hall about […]

Over brunch yesterday with the ASL crew, Zach Braiker, CEO of Refine + Focus, told us about a really cool idea he has: We also interviewed him about the story behind the Rubber Chicken Social Club…Stay tuned. -Amanda Mooney

We are very happy to welcome our good friend Laura Nelson as a contributor on ASL! Here is a short introduction to Laura I recorded at tonight’s Rubber Chicken Social Club meetup and her first post. – Amanda The Full Weblog: Relationships that require more than 140 characters Last summer, I worked in the commercialization […]

When did I become that person? The kind who can’t go one hour, let alone one whole day, without e-mail and not feel incredibly disconnected. Last weekend, I went on a two-day trip to New York, staying at a hotel without wireless and armed only with my woefully inadequate Motorola KRZR. I felt like I […]