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My favorite commercial, even though it’s not new, is the AT&T commercial with the girl and the stuffed animal. Besides how adorable it is and totally reflective of my childhood with my stuffed animal, Lamby, I think it is very well done. The more creative part about it is how it plays into the “more […]

Saw this over on the completely outdated “Twitter” micoblogging site. Just wanted to share the newest in nanoblogging! :) – Sarah

I recently had the chance to experience both the new Virgin America and Delta Airlines, on flights to and from Boston to LAX and Boston to Atlanta to New Orleans, respectively. Despite differences in weather conditions, flight times, delays, etc. I have to say I am ecstatic about the future of air travel, and now […]

Nickelodeon‘s made for TV movie, iGo To Japan, drew 7.6 million viewers last Saturday night, November 8th, shattering records for the network. The movie, based on Nickelodeon’s hit series iCarly and staring Miranda Cosgrove, follows Carly and her friends to a Web awards show in Japan where they win an award for the iCarly Web […]

Okay, some of you may know I’m desperate for the new Blackberry Storm. But with a few months left before my contract is up on my now ancient and ridiculously cracked Blackberry 8703, I’ve been searching for alternatives, even trying to buy a USED Curve on E-bay. (I know, I’m embarrassed). Because Verizon has never […]

When my friend Eric got back from working at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, he gave me a souvenir Coke bottle featuring a rare design that I was obsessed with for days. I had totally forgotten about it until I started working on a Coca-Cola case study for one of my classes andcame upon the Design […]

Patrick Richardson (@swirlingmedia), Integrated Marketing Manager at Schneider Associates, recently shared some key information with Emerson’s PRSSA that I’d love to pass along to you. In an attempt to liven up our weekly meetings, I asked Patrick to plan something a little more interactive than our usual Q+A session with a PR professional. Of course, […]

This summer I’m commuting to the city for my job as Director of Alumni Programs at Camp Broadway. The mornings that I commute, my mom drives me to the train, and every morning it’s the same. We get there, say goodbye, and as I’m stepping out, she shouts, “Sarah, do you have cash?” “No,” I […]



Yesterday I celebrated my grandparent’s 50th Anniversary with family and friends at a bowling themed party. The once roaring bowling alley in Northern New Jersey, stood half empty as we bowled the night away. It made me really think of the generational switch from bowling alleys and drive ins to Wii Bowling and Blue-ray discs. […]

Okay, I’ve really been having a problem with this lately. Why won’t AIM bots leave me alone??? I don’t want to be friends with you GossipinGabby, Facebook, LivGreene, Spleak, or USA Today. Why don’t I have to accept you like other friends? You never IM me anyway, and when I IM you to go away […]