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Yesterday I celebrated my grandparent’s 50th Anniversary with family and friends at a bowling themed party. The once roaring bowling alley in Northern New Jersey, stood half empty as we bowled the night away. It made me really think of the generational switch from bowling alleys and drive ins to Wii Bowling and Blue-ray discs. […]

iCarly is cool show on Nick. Kids like it because there is this Webshow that Carly Shay and her friends do together and a lot of people watch it. There is also a Web site kids go to:, where they can watch it and do other things like play games, read blogs, or listen […]

My Birthday


Last week I turned thirteen and got some great presents. I got a new 26” Insingia LCD HDTV, 2,000 Wii points, a stuffed Mario doll, and money from my relatives. I really wanted a iPod Nano but I didn’t get it. I’m really tired of using my sister’s sick old scratched Mini. Maybe I can […]

In my busy life as a full time student and working professional, appointment-driven media no longer fits into my schedule. It is quite a rare occasion when I actually have a chance to watch one of my favorite television shows when it airs during prime time on broadcast networks. Instead, I catch up on my […]