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Saw this over on the completely outdated “Twitter” micoblogging site. Just wanted to share the newest in nanoblogging! :) – Sarah

Can’t stand seeing another “RT @[name] has a crazy idea. 19,530 new twitter followers in 30 days? Check it out” Seriously. You’re ruining Twitter with your craziness. You are justifying your existence on Twitter with 20 billion followers who are NOT actually interested in what you’re saying, your interaction or your (gasp) “thought leadership.” […]

Perfection after meeting too many people this week who introduced themselves as “social media experts” and by experts they mean that they follow tens of thousands on Twitter and a few thousand have decided to follow them back. As Ryan points out in this classic example, that’s a completely messed up way of assessing someone’s […]

Patrick Richardson (@swirlingmedia), Integrated Marketing Manager at Schneider Associates, recently shared some key information with Emerson’s PRSSA that I’d love to pass along to you. In an attempt to liven up our weekly meetings, I asked Patrick to plan something a little more interactive than our usual Q+A session with a PR professional. Of course, […]

This may sound really silly, but today, I received an email from an old friend that made me think a lot about my online habits. My friend’s email curiously demonstrated that he knew a lot about what I’ve been up to lately. So, curious as I am, I asked how he knew about so many […]

By popular demand from the comments on Starting to Date in the Digital World, I have decided to share a personal experience: When I first created my Facebook profile the option of “In a relationship with…” had not yet been invented. So call me old fashioned, but when the option was created, I didn’t feel […]

Old Friends?


I logged on to my msn messenger account yesterday after quite a long time (probably more than a month) of not doing so. I skimmed through my list of online friends, there were about 10, and realized that at first sight I only knew one of them. So I asked myself, where did all these […]

We were discussing etiquette for different social communities the other day. @SarahHutton was saying how it’s kind of weird & creepy on Facebook to receive a friend request from someone you don’t know, but on Twitter, it’s like, oooh! New follower! Cool! And then I thought of unspoken rules on other communities. Being the semi-obsessive […]

Ok, I’ll admit, I come from a family of technology laggards. I didn’t actually have a functioning home computer until I was going into 8th grade. Well, I had a computer but it was this enormous, old IBM that looked like this: It had a monitor that showed text and images in varying shades of […]

I can remember the first time I heard the word “Internet.” It was on the playground at recess in fourth grade, from a boy named Paul, who I later had crush on in middle school. I remember him saying this thing, the Internet, whatever that was, was going to be huge. I remember going home […]